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Support & Maintenance

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Support & Maintenance Overview

Support and maintenance refer to the ongoing activities and processes involved in providing assistance, ensuring functionality, and preserving the operational efficiency of products, services, systems, or processes. These activities aim to address issues, resolve problems, and optimize performance to ensure the smooth functioning of various components, whether they are technological, mechanical, or operational in nature.

Types of Support and Maintenance:

Support and maintenance refer to the ongoing processes and activities aimed at assisting users, addressing issues, and ensuring the optimal performance, functionality, and reliability of products, services, systems, or processes. These activities encompass both technical assistance and the preservation of operational efficiency, with the goal of enhancing user experiences, reducing downtime, and extending the lifespan of the supported entities.

Technical Support:

Technical support involves assisting users with technical issues they encounter while using a product or service. This could include troubleshooting software errors, hardware malfunctions, connectivity problems, and more.

Corrective Maintenance

Corrective maintenance involves addressing issues that have already occurred. This could include repairing broken equipment, fixing software bugs, or resolving any other problems that affect functionality.

Customer Support

Customer support focuses on addressing inquiries, concerns, and feedback from customers. It involves providing information, guiding customers through processes, and ensuring their overall satisfaction.

Challenges in Support and Maintenance:

These challenges can vary depending on the nature of the products, services, or systems being supported. Here are some common challenges in support and maintenance:


Products and systems are becoming increasingly complex, making support and maintenance more challenging.


Resource Allocation

Allocating resources for ongoing support and maintenance while also pursuing new developments can be a balancing act.


User Expectations

Users expect quick and efficient support, which can be demanding to meet, especially during high-demand periods.

So, how we do it. The process.


Our development team evaluates, analyzes, explores, and provides you with multiple range of solutions.


We prepare a blueprint before project delivery. Our Developers outline a project plan after understanding your business objectives.


We create frameworks and define network, database and UI layers in this stage.


As an app development company, we follow an agile application development methodology and work closely with each client to develop applications as their requirements.

Quality Assurance

We have expert testers that do functional, integration, and performance testing of developed applications on actual devices.


We carry out a final deployment even after fully developing your application. Our company also provides support and maintenance even after application deployment.

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